Q.  How much does the Partners advanced liver imaging work-up cost?

A. If you have no insurance or wish to pay cash or credit card, the price is $882.  If you qualify for Medicare, insurance will pay for most of the work-up and $350 is the only out of pocket cost.  If you have regular insurance with companies such as Blue-Cross, Aetna, United etc, then the out of pocket cost is likely to between $350 to $550 depending on coverage.  This does not allow for co-pays or deductibles.  Please call (941) 951-2100 and we can confirm the cost for your circumstance based on your insurance.


Q. Will the advanced liver imaging work-up prevent the need for a biopsy?

A.  In most cases, yes.  The information provided from the liver imaging work-up will provide the same information that is typically produced by a liver biopsy and the information will be more detailed and comprehensive.  There is also no pain associated with an advanced imaging work-up.


Q. Are the liver work-up protocols safe?

A.  Yes.  The liver imaging work-up protocols are safe and FDA cleared.


Q.  What form do I need my doctor or physician to complete?

A.  Either direct or provide your physician to this link:   


or download the form here and present it for signing.  We can also accept a script produced by your physician that details the Partners Advanced Liver Imaging workup.  If you are a self pay patient or looking for a second opinion, please call to discuss your symptoms and we can make an arrangement for you. 


Q.  How much time should I allow for the advanced liver imaging work-up?

A.  We estimate about 15 mins for you to change and to be positioned on the MRI table.  Approx 35 to 45 mins will be the scan time.  Once the scan is completed, you can leave the center.


Q.  Is the MRI scan continuous from start to finish?

A.  About 2/3 of the way through the scan, you will be brought out of the MRI for a few minutes so that the plastic device resting on your abdomen will be replaced with a different one.  This will remain on until the scan is complete.


Q. What is MRE and what is involved with this scan?

A.  The last stage of the MRI scan is the MRE which stands for Magnetic Resonance Elastography. A round plastic disk will be attached to your abdomen and you will then be positioned inside the scanner again.  You will feel a gentle vibration on your abdomen.  This is basically sound waves that are bouncing off your liver to show the elasticity of the tissue.


Q.  When will I see the report and images?

A.  The full report will be ready within 24 hours in most cases.  You will be able to see the report on the Partners Patient Portal after 3 days (see home page or click here).  If you would like a CD copy of the images and the report, this can be arranged for a $25 fee.  Please request this when you first check in and this will be mailed to you.  Your physician of choice will also receive the report and will have access to the full set of images.  


If you have any other questions that are not answered here, you are welcome to email any questions to questions@partnersimage.com  You can expect a reply within 24 hours.  Alternatively, simply call our number at (941) 951-2100 and we will try to answer your question over the phone.



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