Do you believe you could be at risk of one or more of the following liver conditions?

  • A Fatty Liver or Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
  • Alcohol Related Liver Damage & Disease (Hepatitis)
  • NASH (non alcoholic Steatohepatitis)
  • Fibrosis or Cirrhosis of the Liver

If you suspect you have liver problems, or have been advised from a blood test that you may have liver disease, it is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the health of your liver and what stage of disease you are at.  Standard MRI imaging can only provide a limited diagnosis, but there are advanced imaging techniques that are FDA cleared that use specialized hardware and software to provide an accurate assessment of your condition.  This is all available from Partners Imaging Centers in Sarasota, Florida.

Partners Imaging Centers is one of only a handful of centers in the United States that provides a comprehensive liver imaging work up using 3T MRI, Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) and LiverMultiscan (LMS).  The workup liver scan can avoid the need for a liver biopsy which is often required in the absence of advanced liver imaging.

A detailed report on your liver will be provided, following your scan, from Partner’s highly experienced body radiologist – Richard Goldberg, MD.  The report will detail the overall health of your liver and which stage you are at. The report will be accompanied by a secondary report that will include detailed objective, quantitative metrics on liver fat content, liver iron load and fibro-inflammatory disease.  It will also reveal the mechanical properties (elasticity) of your liver tissue.  This will provide vital and meaningful information to your physician on how and where to treat your condition.  For more information on the liver imaging workup using advanced liver diagnostics, click here

Yes. We see patients travel to us from all over the US and even from overseas. It is not uncommon to see patients travel interstate or fly into Sarasota or Tampa airport in the morning and return back soon after the liver workup is completed.
Yes, the primary 3T MRI for liver imaging is a wide and short bore MRI. We are able to scan 99.5% of patients as there is plenty of space around the shoulders and the head area.
No. A regular MRI without the additional hardware and software cannot produce the same results and color image maps.

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Determining the Health of your Liver

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